Biocomma’s Virus transport and preservation medium is a product designed for the collection of clinical samples of different viruses.

In the current epidemiological situation, health professionals need all those tools that allow them to quickly detect positive cases in order to stop the contagion.
For this reason, not only the different types of tests are important, but also the way in which the samples that are collected are transported to the laboratories.

Biocomma has manufactured a product that allows the transport of the external samples, guaranteeing their conservation, thanks to the sterile method..

Features and applications

  • Allows you to inactivate the virus sample and protect the RNA from degradation
  • It is valid for the collection and transport of clinical samples of influenza, avian influenza, HFMD and other viruses such as Mycoplasma, Ureaplasma, Chlamydia.
  • It is compatible with LAMP (Hibergene) and PCR.
  • The transport system is based on Hank’s solution.
  • It allows the preservation of Covid-19.

Procedure to be follow


It is designed to be used with the tubes and media swabs provided in the kit. The use of media tubes or swabs from any other source, may affect the performance of the product.


  • This product should only be used for in vitro diagnostic purposes.
  • Work in a ventilated space during use.
  • The reagent is colorless or transparent and there should be no precipitation. Do not use if these properties change
  • The liquid in the tube is the means of transport. The brush should NOT be inserted into the liquid before taking the sample.
  • Remaining solution must be sterilized before disposal
  • Do not use the solution if it is expired or the color has changed

Order information

Ref Description Presentation Units Conservation
BC-YVJ-TE2 TRANSPORT AND PRESERVATION CLASSIC MEDIUM 1 sample collection tube with the means of transport

1 swap
1 instruction sheet

20 5- 25ºC