The XIII Congress of the Clinical Laboratory was held in Seville at the end of October. Seville once again became the venue for this event, after the National Congress held in 2014.

Undoubtedly, the reunified Congress of the Clinical Laboratory is the annual event, held in Spain, with the greatest scientific impact for professionals in the different specialties of the Clinical Laboratory, but this year it had a lower participation than usual due to the coincidence with the EuroMedlab European Congress held last May in Barcelona.

For 3 days, symposia, courses, debates and even games have been organized around the following main itineraries: advances in genomics, the role of the laboratory as a key piece in the management of urgent patients, sepsis, quality management and data management , digestive pathology, fertility and training.

The Advanced Instruments 210, Osmo1 and Osmopro osmometers help transfusion centers to improve the quality of blood components and patient safety, complying with current standards.

Among more than 800 posters presented, the category “evaluation of methods, instrumentation and interference” is the one that has grouped the most. Among the 184 presented, we would like to highlight two of them:

1. Comparison of the Glocyte equipment with the reference method (Fuchs Rosenthal chamber) in the count of leukocytes and erythrocytes of cerebrospinal fluid, by C. Alvarez Castilla, M.Á. Palomar Muriel, E. Hernández Älvarez, M.T. Sanz Casla, A. García Álvarez, Á. López Delgado, S. Ballesteros Álvarez of the Hospital Clínico San Carlos in Madrid. This is a pilot study of the Glocyte equipment manufactured by Advanced Instruments (USA), the launch of which Tecil expects to carry out in the first quarter of 2020. The Hospital Clinico San Carlos has been the first European laboratory to compare the results of Glocyte with the reference method for CSF leukocyte and erythrocyte count, and therefore will lead the next international multicenter study.

2. Evaluation of the ISEsweat, a POC analyzer for the sweat test, de R. Passarell, R. Camero, P. Campo y E. Vázquez, from the R&D and Quality Departments of Scientific Techniques for Laboratory, S. A. This is a summary of the validation studies departments R & D and Quality Tecil been made to the EC recertification analyzer sweat chloride ISEsweat.

From Tecil, our congratulations to the organizers for their effort and dedication that have culminated in a great event.

See you next year at Labclin Zaragoza with more scientific technical novelties for the laboratory.