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Advanced Instruments

Osmometers Control Renol™

Renol™ is a line of control solutions specially formulated for the evaluation of osmometer performance in clinical laboratories analysing human urine samples.

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Características únicas:

  • Manufacturer’s recommended quality controls designed specifically for your osmometer.
  • Help laboratories comply with CAP and CLIA guidelines;
  • Comply with regulations that recommend running multiple controls at different concentrations daily to verify assay performance at relevant levels.
  • Two clinically relevant levels: Low: 300 and High: 800 mOsm/kg H2O.
Osmolalitat del control Renol


Clinically relevant formulas so you can confidently report normal and abnormal results in osmometry.


Manufactured to tight tolerances so you can quickly detect changes in osmometer performance.

Complies with standards recommending twice daily checks at different concentrations to verify assay performance at relevant levels.

No need to thaw, add water or worry about mixing errors.

Advanced Instruments is dedicated to increasing productivity and ensuring quality in the biotech, pharmaceutical, clinical and food and beverage industries.

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