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CLIA Watmind M2 and M5 portable analyzers

Watmind’s M2 and M5 CLIA analyzers are the world’s first CLIA-based portable diagnostic solution for COVID-19. It uses the reference method of magnetic separation by enzymatic chemiluminescence. It enables quantitative detection of IgM/IgG or total antibodies to COVID-19.

These portable analyzers reduce the response time, minimize the risk of transmission by detecting infection in the window period and increase the detection of positive cases. In addition, D-Dimer, cardiac markers and Procalcitonin can be tested.

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Product features:

  • Compact design (min.4.5Kg) and maintenance-free
  • Integrated thermostat for reactions at 37ºC
  • Monotest (IgM or IgG) or multitest (IgA, IgM, IgE, IgD, IgG) sensor card
  • High sensitivity and specificity quantitative measure
  • Ideal for seroprevalence study or for PCR monitoring – / +
  • Quick results, only 15 minutes
  • Chemiluminescence-based method, immunoassay reference method
  • Other available tests: cardiac markers, Dimero D and PCT
  • Wide connectivity via GPS, 4G, WIFI, Bluethooth, iCloud

Technical specifications

Sample Type Whole blood / peripheral blood / plasma / serum
Sample volume 5-50μl
Test time 10-15min/test
Available tests NT-proBNP, Toponin I, Myo, CK-MB, D-Dimer, PCT, SARS-CoV-2Ab/lgG/lgM
Storage temperature -20°C a+45°C
Power Supply AC 100V-240V50/60Hz
Energy consumption 300VA
Dimensions 267,5x180x220mm
Weight 4,5kg


Analizadores Watmind para la COVID19

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Analizador para test rapido Covid-19

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Analizador para test rapido Covid-19

Watmind focuses on the application of high-tech, accurate and easy-to-operate chemiluminescence point-of-care diagnostic solutions for chemiluminescence and public health service and care.

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