Analyzers for clinical laboratories, industry
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Closeness and agility

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We supply analyzers for clinical laboratories, hospitals, the pharmaceutical industry, health centers and research centers, and we offer maintenance and advisory services for these always in a close and agile manner.

All the products marketed by Tecil are approved according to the corresponding legal regulations, as well as the strict internal requirements set by our ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

In short, Tecil aims to provide excellent service to its clients and, without a doubt, Quality Management is the most appropriate way to obtain their trust and satisfaction.

News and updates

2 March, 2021

Quality controls for Osmometers

What kind of quality control to use for evaluating the performance of my Osmometer? Measuring osmolarity using the freezing point depression technique is an important screening tool for the differential…
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29 December, 2020

Transport and preserve virus efficiently, it’s possible

Biocomma's Virus transport and preservation medium is a product designed for the collection of clinical samples of different viruses. In the current epidemiological situation, health professionals need all those tools…
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31 August, 2020

Glocyte: Cell Counter for CSF

Advanced Instruments Introduces GloCyte® Semi-Automatic Cell Counter for CSF Provides unmatched precision for CSF samples in the Hematology laboratory The precision in the analysis of cerebrospinal fluid -LCR- is vital…
31 July, 2020

Covid-19 Diagnosis Strategy

The Spain Ministry of Health's Covid-19 early detection, surveillance and control strategy, includes tests for lgM and lgG antibodies specific to SARS-CoV-2 for the diagnosis of this disease. The lgM…
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