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Analyzers for clinical laboratories, industry
or investigation




Closeness and agility

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We supply products for Clinical Laboratories, Hospitals, Pharmaceutical Industry, Health Centers and Research Centers. Currently, we also commercialize COVID19 rapid tests.  In addition, we offer a maintenance service and advice on our equipment, always in a close and agile way.

All the products we sell are approved according to the corresponding legal regulations, as well as by the strict internal requirements set by our Quality Management System ISO 9001.

In short, in Tecil we aim to provide an excellent service to our customers and, undoubtedly, Quality Management is the most appropriate way to obtain their trust and satisfaction.


News and updates

Osmolalidad leche maternaNewsProduct
1 July, 2021

Effects of protein supplements: osmolality of breast milk

Effect of the incorporation of fortifiers and protein supplements on the osmolality of donated breast milk. A premature baby has a very scarce reserve of water and nutritional elements. In…
test antigeno COVID19 Acro biotechNewsProduct
16 June, 2021

Latest external validation of SARS-CoV-2 rapid tests Acro Biotech

Latest external validation of SARS-CoV-2 rapid tests Acro Biotech The urgent need for reliable diagnostic tests in response to COVID-19 requires laboratories to have independent external validations to facilitate the…
Virus respiratorio sincitial RSVNewsProduct
10 June, 2021

Had the pandemic change the seasonality of RSV?

Syncytial virus reappears, causing more pediatric admissions Respiratory viruses disappeared during the pandemic, thanks to social restrictions and control measures against covid, such as masks, which prevented the spread of…
2 March, 2021

Quality controls for Osmometers

What kind of quality control to use for evaluating the performance of my Osmometer? Measuring osmolarity using the freezing point depression technique is an important screening tool for the differential…
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