Advanced Instruments Introduces GloCyte® Semi-Automatic Cell Counter for CSF

Provides unmatched precision for CSF samples in the Hematology laboratory

The precision in the analysis of cerebrospinal fluid -LCR- is vital for the diagnosis of infections (viral, bacterial, fungal and parasitic), tumor pathology, hemorrhages and degenerative processes. The reference method for counting red blood cells and total nucleated cells (TNC) is manual counting in a chamber, a method that requires time, specialized personnel, and is subject to subjectivity and poor reproducibility.

Automated cell counters have replaced manual counting of cells in blood and most body fluids in the hematology laboratory. However, cell analysis in CSF samples is a challenge for manufacturers of hematology analyzers, as the reference range for TNC is 0-5 cell / ul and normal samples must not contain any RBC. The unreliability of automated methods for such low cell counts means that most laboratories continue to perform manual analysis on many or all cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) samples.

The GloCyte System (Advanced Instruments, Norwood, MA), is a semi-automatic cell counter, which allows the quantification of red blood cells and leukocytes using a combination of a new fluorescence technology, high-specificity reagents and a smart counting algorithms, using only 30ul of CSF per test. It is accurate enough to replace all manual CSF counts.

The GloCyte system stains red cells with fluorochrome-labeled antibodies and TNCs with propidium iodide nucleic acid stains. Red blood cells and TNCs are counted by digital image analysis. The image is captured by a digital CCD camera, and the stained fluorescent cells are counted by digital image processing.

GloCyte® semi-automatic cell counter system includes GloCyte instrument, computer (hardware and software), vacuum station, sample preparation tray, barcode reader, pipettes (10 and 30 μL), test cartridges, reagents TNC and RBC, low level and high level controls The sample preparation tray organizes the workflow by including specific locations for each type of tube.

For the hematology laboratory that analyzes CSF, adding GloCyte to your equipment allows you to obtain results more conveniently and faster.