Offering since 1984 innovative products for clinical laboratories, hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry in a close and agile  way

About us

TECIL is a private equity company, founded in 1984, it started mostly as an after-sales service company under the name of Servilab. In 1989 it expanded its activity to the import, distribution and supply of laboratory equipment of foreign brands.

With central offices in Barcelona, we have highly qualified personnel, ready to attend to any need that our clients, own sales representatives and distributors present throughout the national territory.

We guarantee the after-sales service of our products thanks to having our own technical service.

Our experience has been in the support and distribution of products for clinical laboratories, hospitals, the pharmaceutical industry, health centers and research centers

Certified Quality

All the products marketed by Tecil are approved according to the corresponding legal regulations, as well as the strict internal requirements set by our ISO 9001 Quality Management System

In short, Tecil aims to provide excellent service to its clients and, without a doubt, Quality Management is the most appropriate way to obtain their trust and satisfaction.

Our team

Alex Cáceres

President, founding partner

In 1984, he founded Servilab, his first company, specialized in technical assistance to scientific instrumentation companies.
Later he creates his second company, Tecil, dedicated to the import and distribution of technology for laboratories.
He has patented several products to improve the diagnosis and prevention of diseases.

Rosa Passarell

Scientific Advisor, partner

Bachelor of Pharmacy with a degree in analytical-clinical orientation, master's in Quality Management and Commercial Management.
Rosa has been a partner since 1992, four years after joining Tecil as commercial delegate and has assumed the positions of Commercial Director, Technical Manager, General Director.
Currently she is a Scientific Consultant.

Ricard Rodríguez


With a Diploma in Business Administration, another in Business Administration and Management and a Bachelor of Science in Physical Activity and Sports
Ricard started as an accountant and his ability to excel and his professionalism led him to assume the position of Manager in 2016. Now his challenge is to turn this company into a place where everyone would like to work.

Marc Cáceres

Head of Technical Area

Marc was very clear that he would work in the family business, so he combined his studies in electronics and computers with his work at Tecil. In 2016, he assumed the direction of the Technical Service, with the challenge of offering an excellent after-sales service. In addition, he trained with a Master in Business Administration in order to manage Tecil in the future.

Magdalena Sevilla

Administration Director

Magda entered Tecil in her last year of Administrative Officer. His good predisposition has allowed him to occupy different positions during his long experience, from administrative tasks, logistics, to customer service and personnel management. She currently holds the position of director of administration, with the challenge of meeting the needs of all stakeholders: customers and staff

Patricia Campo

Commercial Director

Patricia joined Tecil in 2006 as a commercial technician when studying Biology. In 2008 he became director of the commercial department. And since then, he has worked intensively in the promotion and search for new products to satisfy the needs of our clients. In addition to managing a whole group of people and instilling in them a passion for work.

Elisenda Vázquez

Quality Manager / Technical Manager

Elisenda, Bachelor of Chemical Sciences and with 2 Master's degrees, has achieved that Tecil reaches high levels of conformity in the demanding external quality audits ISO9001 / ISO 13485 and in Health inspections. Her main task is to make it work in an orderly and outstanding. In addition to being an important part in promoting our products.

Rafael Camero

Responsible R&D

Graduated in Chemical Sciences and with several masters, Rafael investigates the market for in vitro diagnostic products to find the most innovative, verifying that they meet the demanding requirements of the health regulations. It proceeds to its quality control through the exhaustive review of technical characteristics and the performance of analytical-clinical evaluations. It also contributes to the after-sales service, ensuring the correct operation of installed analyzers.

Ernesto García

Logistics Manager

With almost 20 years of experience, it was not difficult for Ernesto to take over the Logistics department of Tecil when he entered 2006. For him, order fulfillment, merchandise reception, inventory management, warehouse organization is his priority.

Mamen Espinosa

Technical - Commercial

Mamen is our commercial delegate in the Madrid and Andalusia areas. Extroverted and empathetic with clients, she is in charge of knowing their needs and looking for ways that our products can solve them. His training and high knowledge of the product help us both in the commercial management of the clients and in the new projects of the company.

Bienvenido Mur

Technical - Commercial

In the second half of 2016, Bienvenido joined the Tecil sales team. From a very young age he has developed his professional career in the field of sales, so despite the fact that some days can be long and hard, he does not mind persevering and maintaining a positive attitude to meet the different needs of each client with a true will to service.

Fabián Salazar

Technical - Commercial

Fabián is the latest addition to Tecil of the commercial team, a microbiologist specialized in bacteriology, he carried out part of his training in one of the most important clinical laboratories in Venezuela, right now he is in charge of promoting and selling our analyzers with enviable professionalism.

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