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World Vaccine Congress
October 2019

Urine analysis automatization
2019 , 23rd September

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Urine analyses automation

 Urine as "liquid biopsy" of the kidneys provides information about the heath. Kidneys are the only ones organs that can be evaluated with non-invasive means. In addition, because the urine is an ultrafiltrate of  plasma, it can be used to  evaluate and control body homeostasis and many proces in metabolic diseases.

Many laboratories are forced to process many samples per day,thats why the automatic analyzers have become  esencial allies for both physico-chemical and morfological analysis. The urine test strip and  microscopy can accurate rule out urinary infections. Automated urine analysis is a quick and practical screening test that avoids innecessary cultures for most of the patiens .


Analizador-orina-hibrido-FUS1000_kit instalacion.jpg



 What is an hybrid analyzer? 

 This is an urine analyzer capable of both physicochemical ( turbidity, color, SG and 12 chemical parameters) and morphological analysis ( up to  12 diferent particles). To do this it combines diferent technologies, two instruments in only one equipment.Ideall for labs with little space.



Sample preservation

According wtih European guidelines, urine should be examined within 1 hour after urination or within  4 hours if refrigerated.                                                                                                                                



In short , the automation of rutine urine analyses:

1. Contributes to the  rationalizationof technicians workload.

2. Incrreases productivity and improve technical competence.

3. The technicien becomes an expert: automatically verifiques, control and  confirms  rresults.

4. It allows to apply LEAN management into the lab.

5. Reduces the risk of errors and  infectionsfor the laboratory staff.

6. Contributes to a greater reliability of results.


Since its creation in 1992, DIRUI has always been dedicated to the R&D, manufacture and sale of high quality diagnostic equipment and reagents, being one of the first manufacturers of equipment for urine analysis. Tecil, as a representative in Spain of Dirui, is proud to offer now the smallest hybrid analyzer on the market, ideal for laboratories with little space.


Rapid tests for microbiology
2019 , September

September: return to school and infections

The return to class ends summer vacations and welcomes at lower temperatures, rain and cold. With the return to classes, there is also a reunion with viruses, bacteria and parasites that cause the most infectious diseases typical of this autumnal period, such as pharyngitis and gastroenteritis.


Infectious diseases are one of the first causes of consultation for pediatricians. Although the most common infectious diseases in our environment do not tend to be too serious, they consume many healthcare resources.

Rapid screening tests are essential tools in primary care and emergency consultations as they promote the rational use of the medication, avoiding unnecessary antibiotic treatments that increase bacterial resistance. They also reduce costs by optimizing resources, increase the quality of care provided to patients and their safety (AEPAP, 2014). Quick kits are especially suitable for children as they are less invasive because they require a small amount of sample.

For the test to be reliable, the manufacturer's instructions must be followed faithfully: type of sample required, method of obtaining the sample, steps indicated in the technique, minimum and maximum time to obtain results (usually between 10 and 15 minutes), interpretation of the test and conservation. The instructions for use that are attached in each kit also inform about the test method, quality control to follow, precautions and limitations of use, expected values, and technical characteristics such as sensitivity, specificity, precision and cross-reactivity.


Although molecular methods are more sensitive than rapid tests based on antigen detection, they are also more expensive, slower and not available in all centers. On the other hand, tests based on antigen detection are usually available, are easy to use, give results on the same day of the visit, are affordable and are cost-effective, so they are recommended in daily clinical practice.                       

Qualitative test for rapid  detection of more often infectious diseases 1


Urine or stool

blood, plasma or serum

Adenovirus Pneumoniae

Combo Noro+Rota+Adeno+Astrovirus

Virus Herpes HSV (IgG-IgM)

Strep A

Combo Entamoeba+Giardia+Crystosporidium


Virus respiratorio sincitial RSV


Mononucleosis (EBV)

Combo Adeno+RSV

Clostridium difficile (GDH+Toxina A+B)


Combo RSV+ Influenza

Strep pneumoniae


Combo RSV+Influenza+Adenovirus


Hepatitis A

Influenza A+B



Strep B

Hepatitis A

Mycoplasma pneumoniae

Mycoplasma pneumoniae






Tecil provides safe screening tests that help prevent and quickly diagnose diseases. Represents in Spain the Juschek brand of Acro Biotech, a leading group in the international rapid diagnostic industry with modern facilities in California accredited by ISO13485 and regularly inspected by the FDA that, with more 500 tests developed in its 20 years of experience, continues to launch new tests monthly

Peeer QC program Advanced QC for osmometers
Agost, 2019

Rapid tests for Drugs Juscheck
July 2019

Bood gas analyzer Edan i 15
July 2019

The most advanced blood gas analyzer arrives to Spain 


Tecil is pleased ti announce his commercial agreement with Edan company for the  distribution in Spain of his blood gas analyzer i15 especially designed for POC.  i15 is portable, easy to use and have flexible test in 6 different sensors cards. This agreement increase the European distributors network, who gives service to blood gas analyzers installed in France, Italy, Germany ….





Main features :


  • Small size and light with rechargeable battery
  • Work process in 3 steps to increase efficiency.
  • Free of maintenance
  • Ready to use any time without reagents consumption.
  • Independent calibrator pack design, provides flexible choices for users.
  • Calibration before sampling, decreases the risk of wasting sample.
  • Auto-sampling reduces the risk of being infected and guarantees the accuracy.
  • Up to 30+ parameters on one panel.
  • Long shelf-life.
  • Perfect integration with LIS / HIS by

Take a look to available sensors cards  in  gasometry.