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rapid kits for infectious diseases
2019 , September

Peeer QC program Advanced QC for osmometers
Agost, 2019

Rapid tests for Drugs Juscheck
July 2019

Bood gas analyzer Edan i 15
July 2019

The most advanced blood gas analyzer arrives to Spain 


Tecil is pleased ti announce his commercial agreement with Edan company for the  distribution in Spain of his blood gas analyzer i15 especially designed for POC.  i15 is portable, easy to use and have flexible test in 6 different sensors cards. This agreement increase the European distributors network, who gives service to blood gas analyzers installed in France, Italy, Germany ….





Main features :


  • Small size and light with rechargeable battery
  • Work process in 3 steps to increase efficiency.
  • Free of maintenance
  • Ready to use any time without reagents consumption.
  • Independent calibrator pack design, provides flexible choices for users.
  • Calibration before sampling, decreases the risk of wasting sample.
  • Auto-sampling reduces the risk of being infected and guarantees the accuracy.
  • Up to 30+ parameters on one panel.
  • Long shelf-life.
  • Perfect integration with LIS / HIS by

Take a look to available sensors cards  in  gasometry.   

Euromedlab 2019
Barcelona, May 19-23


Barcelona, capital of laboraty medicine in Euromedlab


Euromedlab, the scientific  congres of laboratory medicine most important of  Europe, held this week in Barcelona, hosts more than  6000 assistants.


Barcelona  hostst Euromedlab, the  23rd Congres of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory  Medicine organized by IFCC, EFML and  SEQC ML.

For 5 days the key opinion leaders  in laboratory medicine  83 countries talk about latest advances issues as aging, microbioma,  "point of care ", stroke biomarkers in clinical practice or the new  IVD 2017/746  european directive



This is the second time than Barcelona hosts Euromedlab -first time was 16 years ago- and exceeded the assistance  récord achievedby Paris in 2015.  In  2003 Tecil exposed for  the first time the ISEsweat. Many things have happened in these 16 years, and now we can proudly say that ISEsweat is the most advanced sweat chloride analyzer for cystic fiboris diagnosis.

Between 1560 abstracts presented, one titled      International external quality evaluation on new sweat test analyzer: ISEsweat II   ,  is a colaboration work between the Quality and R&D teams realizard during 24 month of participation of ISEsweat sweat chloride analyzer in an international external quality program..

As a catalan company stablished in Barcelona, it is a great satisfaction that EUROMEDLAB 2019 has been held in our wonderful city. Euromedlab has a great international impact  not only in Europe.  It is also a good opportunity to contact with  manufacturers for laboratory technology and see the latest innovation.

Our congratulations to  the organization for the succesful conference. 



Digital portable refractometer from Atago
April 2019