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Digital portable refractometer from Atago
April 2019

Technical training for new Osmo1 and OsmoPro Advanced Instruments osmometers
June 2018, UK

Osmometros Advanced Instruments

Technical Training  Osmo1 & OsmoPRO Advanced Instruments Osmometers

Marc Cáceres, head os Tecil Technical Service, has received this week technical training at the new European Headquarters of Advanced Instruments in the United Kingdom.

Technical managers of main european distributors also attended (Alemania, Italia, República Checa,  Francia, Bélgica,  Suiza y Suecia).



New  Osmo 1 and OsmoPRO osmometers

These technical experts deepenned the knowledge of the automatical osmometer Osmopro and the new monosample osmometer Osmo1 just launched early  this year.

After receiving theorical explanations, they were tested, having to perfomr different types of repairs both hardware and software “in situ” on osmometers previously manipulated by the instructor.

 Continuous improvement of our products requires keeping up-to-date to new technologies, which is the reason that laboratories with osmometers installed by  Tecil, have peace in mind of work with the state-of-the-art equipment and technical  service in  continous training .


Euromedlab Atenas 2017
July 2017

Immunological Analyzer Study e-Diagnosis POCT Reader  
at Euromedlab Athens 2017

The Virgen del Rocio Hospital in Seville, a reference for public hospitals in Andalusia and with the largest intensive care unit in Spain, has carried out a study of the e- Diagnosis POC Reader  called:

Procalcitonin PCT .Comparison of an inmunochromatographic with Point-of –care reader versus conventional inmunoassay.

Procalcitonin PCT. Comparison of an immunochromatographic method with Point-of-care reader versus conventional immunoassay.

The study was presented at the 22nd European Congress of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine "EuroMedLab 2017" held from 11 to 15 June 2017 in Athens, organized by IFCC and EFLM.

The findings of the study indicate that "the most important requirement for rapid diagnosis is sensitivity, and from this perspective the e-Diagnosis POCT Reader has excellent diagnostic ability (sensitivity = 100%) as well as excellent discrimination capacity Of bacterial infection and antibiotic counseling (specificity = 100%).

The test also has excellent sensitivity, with zero percentage of false negatives and low percentage of false positives for the detection of severe sepsis.

The E-Diagnosis POCT Reader allows convenient and safe measurement of procalcitonin (PCT) with results available to clinicians within 15 minutes at the point of care. "

According to Dr. Ana Rodriguez of the Neurocritics Care Unit, this study, together with other studies performed by the biochemistry laboratory on Procalcitonin, could motivate "the evaluation of the functionality of the POC Reader of e-Diagnosis on the pediatric population compared  with the reference method."

The Virgen del Rocio, according to its managers, represents the largest hospital complex in Spain, due to its volume of care, its infrastructure and its technological endowment, so the  involvement of the laboratory department improves the quality assurance of the POCT and the ability to control tests performed outside of the laboratories.