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Politica de Calidad

TECIL, S.A. it’s a supply company and manufacturer of laboratory analyzers, has the commitment to implement and continuously improve its Quality Management System, based on the regulatory requirements ISO 9001 and 13485, complying with the current legislation and other requirements that are applicable to its industrial activity.

For this reason the directive of TECIL, S. A. commits to:

Give strict compliance to Legal Requirements, Regulations and others that the Organization subscribes.

Establish and periodically review the objectives and goals of the company, in order to promote continuous improvement and increasing the quality of service to our customers.

Provide Human and Material Resources that guarantee the correct implementation and maintenance of our Quality System. As well as guaranteeing the adequate training of personnel in accordance with the aspects associated with quality management, which facilitates their involvement in the interpretation and compliance with the procedures and instructions developed for this purpose.

Achieve a process of continuous improvement of the Quality System through a group effort, placing emphasis on increasing market competitiveness through the improvement of quality and productivity.

Ensure the satisfaction of our customers with our products and services through the constant reduction of non-conformities and progressing to the appearance of them. Ensure that the products and services performed are reliable and meet the requirements established by the client.

Have a real and sustained growth based on the optimization of benefits and constant improvement.

Select the most suitable suppliers and subcontractors at any given time, seeking with them a relationship that is as beneficial as possible, allowing to supply products with competitive prices and quality.

Promote knowledge and use of the best available technologies.

This policy is available to all staff of the company and the public who wants to know, and the management establishes the necessary means for everyone to know, understand and bring to practice.

Barcelona  February, 20 2019