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Rosa Passarell


Scientific Advisor, partner from 1992


I finished the career of Pharmacy at the end of the 80's with a strong pain in stomach. I wanted to apply all my knowledge, but I didn't want to work in a pharmacy or lock me in a laboratory, what can I do,what can I do... As I thought, leave my contact number in the faculty job, did the thesis in the laboratory of Dr. SABATER Tobella, all an authority on biochemistry, but I was bored me terribly doing endless analysis in the laboratory. Working in several pharmacies, but I didn't like anything having to do drug-dependent. Customers came with empty boxes of drugs and told you to give them an equal, when you forgive them for what they wanted to that medication you were carrying huge surprises. Like the woman who asked me Clamoxyl because he believed that they were vitamins after three months taking them, or the one who asked for nasal decongestant to clean his nose. Surely had been my own pharmacies have closed for the four days, people asked medications that I was convinced that did not need. So one day I got the call that would change my life. My mother told me: Mr Cáceres has called, here you are the number. I called not knowing who he was and told me that he wanted to interview me to work in his company. Then there was no internet, so I went without having the faintest idea that it would be the company, but I liked the name: Servilab, thus was called then. It was sell laboratory scientific instrumentation. I didn't have too much experience with laboratory equipment as in the practices of the Faculty saw the instrumentation  from afar, only teachers could touch them. I  wasn't very talkative, but I dared and said: Mr Cáceres I do not know much about that, but I’m interested in this job I and can learn  . He must have thought that my lack of experience could supplement with my enthusiasm and this was how I began to develop my career in the field of medical technology, an exciting world.
Mr. Cáceres was technically electronic profession and vocation entrepreneur. Left me a lot of  technical manuals to study and a list of customers to visit. I was studying and studying all those manuals not understanding half until one day Sr Caceres told me. What I you doing here ? Go to visit customers!. So with a suitcase full of catalogs I went to visit customers throughout Spain. Whenever I visited a client learned one more thing, what were their needs, what was my competition... And I learned how to talk to customers, to circumvent problems, to know how the hospitals runs , how multinationals... When it came to the Office Mr. Cáceres and I talked about how was my day and always gave me ideas, or told me: what do you say? This is  impossible!

I now remember that client I wonder something that didn't respond and I said: Miss, You are very green ! . Or the doctor who asked me how can I guarantees her that Tecil would continue to exist the following year. But the company continued and so much that followed.
It was an unequal struggle, a small company of scientific instrumentation against multinational companies that were increasingly more large as Abbott, Roche, Siemens,... Then there was not the big network, mobile phone, or flat rates. I should load with all catalogs, budgets and wait until I got atended by doctors.
Little by little we were creating our portfolio of clients and we now have an excellent faithful clientele that has grown along with us. In 2006 we took a big step forward,  obtaining the  ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certification for the design and manufacture of our own equipment both distribution.
Today, Tecil is no longer a small local company, we are now known all over the world, but we have not lost our main feature, which makes us unique: the personal touch of a highly motivated team with our customers. Our clients and our team are our treasure.