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Alex Cáceres Gálvez



(Barcelona, 1960)

President,  founding partner from 1984


I started working as a technician in the company C. (R). Mares, S. A 16 years old (picture), while studying electronics. In 1984, the company went through a severe economic crisis due to late payment of social security. I looked for alternatives and decided to start a new professional stage, founding a company of independent technical service for maintenance of all types of scientific instrumentation that I called Servilab. In few months, requests for technical assistance increased considerably and my former colleagues of Mares joined me. My specialty was analyzers of critical constants, such as pH and gases in blood, electrolytes and metabolites, co-oximeters, and over the years added the osmometers and Hematology analyzers, and the sweat test. When I came with my bag of tools anywhere in Spain, and laboratories I was received with the doors open, because I was there to solve problems. Revenues were interesting but the billing was limited to the long working hours of a technician, and a few years I decided to offer my customers also reagents and consumables. To distribute risks that second company I devoted it exclusively to the importation and distribution, and recorded it as Tecil.
Later, multinationals invented the concept of equipment donated by consumption to end the business of generic reagents, that was how I started to market equipment. I was the introducer and first overseas distributor of the Easylyte, small electrolyte analyzers manufactured in Massachusetts by the company Medica, that became very popular. Got, among other things, the representation of brands that we continue still today marketed as; Hematology analyzers of Diatron (Hungary), Cloridmeters  of Slamed (Germany) Technomedica (Japan) blood gas analyzers, small analyzers of lactate in blood of Arckray (Japan), the Bilirrubinmeters of Apel (Japan) and in 1998 finally got the representation of the prestigious osmometers Advanced Instruments manufactured in the USA.
Technology is my passion, and what better way to be always up to date to be the official representative of medical technology companies? Each year there was a new development, each year came a new model... It was a market as dynamic as the computer or    costumer electronics. But then, strict regulations on health products limited so much innovation that many small manufacturers were absorbed or merged by multinational pharmaceutical.
For this reason, I am very proud of my little invention, the ISEsweat. I patented ISEsweat  as the first Analyzer of chlorine in sweat for the diagnosis of cystic fibrosis along with my wife, Rosa Passarell, in 2006, and has been the cornerstone of our expansion and our international recognition.
Transform a sales company  into a manufacturer has not been easy, but I have the satisfaction of having a team of very qualified people who have made it reality. My commitment to innovation has not ceased, by those we continue innovating since 1984.