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Sweat test

 ISEsweat is the only  one POC sweat test analyzer  able to stimulate sweat wireless and measure chloride directly in the skin by detachable microsensors.

The gold standard for cystic fibrosis diagnosis is the sweat chloride measurement.
Traditional sweat test include tree steps:
         1.sweat stimulation by pilocarpine iontophoresis ,
         2.sweat collection and
         3.sweat chloride measurement.
This old method is  time consuming and very sensitive to human errors.Only laboratories with trainned techniciens and appropiate equipment can do all the steps eficiently.
ISEsweat uses a renovated  pilocarpine iontophoresis method for sweat  stimulation without cables, and eliminates the tedious sweat collection, analyzing real ion chloride DIRECTLY on the skin .
Sweat test methods based in conductimetry can be used only for  screening purposes.