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Electrolyte Analyzer ISElyte X9


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Ion analyzer ISElyte X9

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A high speed, high precision fully automatic Ion selective Electrode analyzer measuring up to 9 parameters : Na+, K+, Cl-, Li+, Ca2+,TCO2, pH, Mg and AG   in 11 diferent combinations.

• Built-in disposable packs fro 350 test
• Auto sampler 
(includint  5 STAT and 2 QC)
• Low cost per test
• Optional bar code reader
• Adaptation of the print-out 
• 1 year warranty for electrodes
• Quality control program
• Data storage up to 1000 samples
• Easy management through large LCD touch screen


11  ISElyte- X9  models with or without autoloader
Model Electrolytes 
T500 Na, K, Cl
T501 Na, K, Cl,TCO2,AG*
T502 Na, K, Cl,Ca, pH
T503 Na, K, Cl,Ca, pH,TCO2,AG*
T504 Na, K, Cl, Li
T505 Na, K, Cl,Ca, pH,Li
T506 Na, K, Cl,Ca, pH,Li,TCO2,AG*


Na, K, Cl,Mg
T508 Na, K, Cl,Ca, pH,Mg
T509 Na, K, Cl,Ca, pH,Mg,TCO2,AG*
T510 Na, K, Cl,Ca, pH,Li,Mg,TCO2,AG*



AG* Anion GAP, calculated parameter 


Technical Specifications ISElyte- X9 Ion selective Electrode analyzer

Type of samples used
    Whole blood, serum and/or plasma 
    Pre-diluted urine


Sample Volum

60-300ul  ( 3-11 ions)  


Auto-Sample positions
     30 samples + 5 emergency + 2 calibrators 
    Cups or sample tubes

 Detection ranges

    Whole blood, serum and plasma
                K+         0.5 – 20.0 mmol/L
                Na+       15 – 200 mmol/L
                Cl-         15 – 200 mmol/L
                Li+         0.1 – 5.0 mmol/L
                Ca+2      0.1 – 6.0 mmol/L
                pH         4.0 – 9.0
               TCO2     2.0 – 70.0 mmol/L


     up to 25 s

Calibration  1 or 2 point calibration

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