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Sweat chloride analyzer ISEsweat II
Sweat test


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Sweat test analyzer ISEsweat II
ISEsweat II is the first and unique  POC sweat chloride analyzer. ISEsweat II makes the sweat test  easier  for  patients and for the users.

ISEsweat II has been designed specifically for the cystic fibrosis diagnosis by direct measurement of Sweat Chloride concentration  on the patient skin.

ISEsweat II is an analyzer for the  sweat test, stimulating  sweat wireless by pilocarpine iontophoresis and measuring  quantitatively  the sweat  chloride concentration by detachable sensorscards without sample manipulation.

  Sweat test process supervision by intelligent remote module , alarms' screen and users guide
  Sweat Chloride concentration is measured directly on the patient skin, eliminating risk of small sweat sample manipulation 
  Automatic sample collecting time setting  warrant the maximum precision for the chloride measurement.
  Single-use cartridges  eliminate calibrations and maintenance  associated with multi-use systems
* Light, compact and simple.
*  Easy to use and no maintenance required.
*  PC Connectable
*  Optional printer
*  Battery feed
*  Great  portability
* Automatic  sample collecting time adjustment 
*  Quality Control

ISEsweat II Sweat Analyzer Technical Specifications 
Sample: Sweat
Analytical Range : 5 a 150 mmol/l 

<20 mmol/l CV = 8%   

>20 mmol/l CV = 6%   

Iontophoresis time 10 minutes
Sampling time 15 - 20 minutes
Analysis time 5 minutes
Measuring method Direct Potentiometry with  detachable ISE 
Total test time Mín 30min/test aprox.
Screen LCD
Memory 100 test
Interface RS-232C computer // USB to PC
Storage conditions:      Device: from 18ºC to 35ºC
  Sensor cards:  from 2ºC to 8ºC
Environment work conditions : 18ºC - 35ºC, Humidity 50 – 80%
Dimensions: Base: 150 mm x 195 mm
  Remote: 556 mm x 75 mm x Alto  22 mm
Weight: Base: 553 gr.
  Remote: 65 gr.



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