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Urine Analyzer H-500
Urine analyzer


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Urine Analyzer H-500

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H-500 Urine Analyzer is a kind of semi-automatic photoelectric colorimeter that can be used together with the DIRUI H8, H10, H11 for urine analysis reagent strips manufactured by Dirui Industrial Co., Ltd.. It can provide a qualitative or semi-quantitative result for Urobilinogen, Bilirubin, Kentone, Blood, Protein, Nitrite, Leucocytes, Glucose, Specific gravity, PH and Vitamin C of the urine sample according to the color change caused by the interaction between the reagent areas and the biochemical components in urine.

• Testing system adopts advanced high luminosity cold light source with 4 wavelengths, which improves sensitivity, accuracy, specificity
•  Faster testing speed 514 strips/hour, only 7 seconds to finish 11 items testing
•  Dual wavelengths testing improve strips specificity, reduces urine ph, specific gravity, color influences on results
•  Large LCD touch screen display
•  Automatic detect ready to test strips, easy operation
•  Built in high speed, low noise thermal printer, available to be connected with external stylus printer
•  Connectable with external barcode reader
•  Connectable with urine sediment analyzer
•  Users can set abnormal value flags by themselves
•  International or Regular system of units, Symbol system, totally three systems optional
•  Waste collection device

Technical Specification H-500 Urine Analyzer

Test Ítems: urobilinogen, bilirubin, ketone, blood, protein, nitrite, leukocytes, glucose, specific gravity, pH and VC(or micro-albumin)
Testwavelength: 525nm, 572nm, 610nm, 660nm
Test principle: FPhotoelectric colorimetry
Suitable strips: URISJJK H8, H10, H11 and H11-MA urinalysis strips
Throughput: 514 strips/h
Data memory: 2000 patient results
Interface:    RS-232 port; parallel printer interface
Display:6.4" LCD
Dimensions: 380mmx378mmx275mm
Weight: 6.8 kg



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