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Automatic Urine Analyzer H-800
Urine analyzer


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Automatic Urine Analyzer H-800

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DIRUI H-800 Automatic Urine Analyzer is the upgrading analyzer for semi-automatic type. H-800 represents the highest technology of urinalysis field which contains the new computer technology, information processing technology, photoelectron technology, together with DIRUI's 15years professional research experience for urinalysis. This analyzer is suitable for laboratories which typically have more than 100 urine samples per day.

• Automatic continuous sampling, greatly improve work efficiency
•  Built-in bar code system and data transmission system easily realize connection with hospital LIS or HIS systems
• Accurate quantitative dripping technology avoids cross contamination between testing items
•  Precise control of uristrips reaction time, which guarantee accuracy and repetitiveness of testing results
•  Large LCD touch screen operation
•  Can be perfectly connected with urine sediment analyzer


Technical Specification H-800 Urine Analyzer


Test items: urobilmogen, bilirubín, ketone, blood, protein, nitnte, leukocytes, glucose, pH, VC and specific gravity
H-800 plus optional test items:    Specific gravity via built-in refractometer
  Turbidity via built-in turbidimeter
  Color via built-in reflective color sensor
Test Wavelength: 525nm, 572nm, 610nm, 660nm
Throughput: 240 samples/h
Test Principle: Reflectance photometer (H-800 plus optional built-in
refractometer, built-in turbidimeter and reflective color
Adopting Strips: DIRUI's urine reagent strips for H-800, 10 or 11
parameters (H10/800, H11/800)
Mjnimum Sample volume:  4ml in standard tube
Data Memory:: 10.000 sample results, 5000 emergency treatment
results. 1000 quality control results
Interfce: RS 232 port to host, parallel printing port, 5.7 Inch LCD
Dimensions: Main Frame  660mm×625mm×553mm
  Test tube rack conveying plate 660mm x 335mm x 170 mm
Weight:  71.15Kg


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